The Raven


Big Raven

~ Big Raven ~

A tribute to Emily Carr

Emily was a English Canadian born in Victoria, British Columbia, December 13, 1871, and passed away March 2, 1945.

Emily painted the Big Raven in 1931, “In Big Raven the solid waves of vegetation and columns of illuminated sky off the lone figure of the raven, creating and elegiac quality that reflected a new stage in Carr’s approach to First Nations themes. Traditionally integrated into the life of the village, the raven has been reclaimed by the forest. The sense of mass signals the development by Carr of a new pictorial language and a new emphasis on indigenous life as threatened: the raven is placed outside the vibrant framework of the village life”. Taken from the Art Canada Institute.

I am so moved by the sight of this painting, the strength of character and power that it emits. I just had to try to honour her in this piece of stained glass art. I hope that my depiction has done well by her.

Please enjoy my tribute to Emily Carr.

All my pieces are handmade, every piece is unique.

Materials: stained glass, wire, copper foil, solder, copper, wax, some contain beads, chains, and some come with a 18 inch garden stake.

Height: 15 inches
Width: 20 inches

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