The hearts surrounded by love


As a stained glass artist, I am proud to present a beautiful and unique piece that I have handcrafted. This work of art depicts the word “love” in an elegant font, topped with two beautiful hearts in various colours and designs. Each letter of the word “love” has been carefully cut from individual pieces of glass and soldered together to create a cohesive design. The word “love” is filled with a warmth, radiates and shines as the light passes through the glass.

The hearts that top the word “love” are equally as stunning. I have used a variety of techniques, such as the Tiffany style, to create intricate designs and patterns on each heart. Some hearts are simple and solid in color, while others are made from different shades of red, pink, and purple glass to create a unique look. Each heart has been meticulously placed to complement the design and complete the work of art.

When light shines through the piece, it illuminates the beauty of the stained glass, creating a brilliant display of color and warmth. The word “love” and the hearts symbolize love, devotion, and affection, making this piece an excellent representation of these sentiments. As a stained glass artist, I am incredibly proud of this work of art and I hope that it will bring joy, love, and inspiration to all who admire it.

Height: 9 inches
Width: 13 inches