3D Lily Pad


The lily pad is delicately crafted from vibrant, translucent stained glass, capturing the essence of its natural beauty. The artist skillfully employs a palette of rich greens, ranging from deep emerald to subtle mint, to recreate the lush, organic hues of a real lily pad. The glass is carefully chosen to allow light to filter through, casting a warm and ethereal glow when illuminated from behind.

The 3D aspect of the artwork is achieved by layering the stained glass to create depth and dimension. The central part of the lily pad is raised, forming a gentle curve that mimics the subtle contours of a real lily pad floating on water. This three-dimensional effect gives the artwork a lifelike quality, making it appear as though the lily pad is gracefully emerging from the surface.

The edges of the lily pad are adorned with intricate details that enhance its realism. Delicate veins, etched into the glass with precision, mimic the natural patterns found on the surface of a lily pad. These details are further accentuated by the play of light and shadow, adding depth and complexity to the overall composition.

The stained glass 3D lily pad is not just a static piece but a dynamic interplay of color, light, and form. When placed in a sunlit space, the artwork comes alive as sunlight filters through the stained glass, casting a spectrum of colors that dance across the surrounding surfaces. This creates a mesmerizing display of beauty, evoking a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.

Overall, a stained glass 3D lily pad is a masterfully crafted piece of art that seamlessly blends traditional stained glass techniques with a modern and innovative approach to bring the beauty of nature into a three-dimensional, luminous form.

They come ready to gift, in their own decorative boxes.

All my pieces are handmade, every piece is unique.

Materials may include: stained glass, wire, copper foil, solder, copper, wax, hanger/chain and some contain beads.

Height: 8 inches
Width: 9 inches

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